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Who We Are



With the vision of creating a smoke-free future, ZELES is a world-renowned brand specializing in HTP (Heated Tobacco Product) systems, supported by a technical team from the world's top laboratories

We spare no effort to deliver a safer and more satisfied user experience by combining design, technology and production into a unified platform to propel our brand and business partners forward

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ZELEX is a revolutionary brand of non-combustible heating tobacco sticks that offer a healthier and cleaner smoking experience.

Tobacco has a lengthy and intriguing history, and while it satisfies the desires of some individuals, it has also faced criticism. We know that, business cannot serve one group of people and forget the other, a diverse world is always looking for better ways to find common ground while preserving differences.

As the tobacco industry undergoes a transformation, HTP utilizes technology to lead the charge towards innovation. As pioneers of this transformation, we are privileged to spearhead this change.

At ZELEX, we prioritize the health of all individuals and employ innovative technology to enhance our products. We aim to provide tobacco users worldwide with new, exciting options for self-indulgence.

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