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ZELEX is a revolutionary brand of non-combustible heating tobacco sticks that offer a healthier and cleaner smoking experience. The ZELEX sticks are designed to be used with the specially developed heating device ZELES M2, which heats the tobacco without burning it, producing a smooth and satisfying flavor without any ash or smoke. With a range of flavors to choose from, including the classic Tobacco Series and delectable Fruit Series, ZELEX provides an unparalleled taste experience for smokers. Whether you prefer the classic taste of tobacco or the refreshing flavor of fruit, ZELEX has a flavor that will suit your taste buds.


* Please note that availability may be subject to change based on regulatory requirements in different regions.
Regular N° 7
Regular N° 3
tobacco Regular N° 7

Selected high-quality white rib tobacco and natural spice tobacco as raw materials, and low-temperature crushing technology is used to further utilize Virginia tobacco extract for aroma compensation. And the multiple repetition of the leaf group with the original aroma of the tobacco is highlighted, enhancing the throat hit, smooth smoke, rich taste buds and comfortable taste.

tobacco Regular N° 3

Selected natural high-quality drying tobacco, spice tobacco as raw materials, the use of low-temperature crushing technology, highlighting the original aroma of tobacco, with a layered sense of oral comfort.

menthol Green

A bold and refreshing mint flavor with a clean aftertaste refreshed! The addition of mint aroma adds a refreshing tone to the dry tobacco, reawakening its vitality and neutralizing its dryness. Pure freshness, pure menthol, pure happiness.

menthol Black Green

The use of natural high-quality menthol leaves and spice tobacco, using advanced extraction technology to highlight the unique refreshing aroma of menthol, to enhance the satisfaction and comfort of the powerful icey sensation. The slight bitterness of menthol with a long-lasting sweetness, each puff gives you a satisfying experience.

Black Green
Bordeaux Red
fruit Purple

The Purple flavor comes with a sweet and slightly sour fresh blueberries taste, with floral undertones. Featuring a very aromatic taste and smell that any fruit-lover will enjoy. Enjoy a comfortable and smooth experience of fresh fields, anywhere.

fruit Sunset

A natural gift from nature, excellent tobacco combined with natural sunshine sweet orange are combined to complement each other perfectly. The smoke is smooth and well-rounded, with the fresh flavor of orange giving you a natural delight that harmonizes with the sweet smoke and a clean aftertaste with a fruity sweetness.

fruit Bordeaux Red

The Bordeaux Red flavor features the tangy taste of pure freshly picked grapes, without any overly sugary artificial sweetness. Perfect to compliment any occasion! Experience the taste of nature.

fruit Pearl White

The smoke is full-rounded, rich and layered and hits the throat while having a distinctive creamy aroma. The rich creamy sweetness and vanilla aroma bring a pleasant taste and smell, and the creamy tobacco flavor delivers a special pleasure. A puff in your spare time can ease your mind and body and relieve fatigue.

Pack size 7.5×4.8×1.6cm
Pack 20sticks/pack
Carton size 16.5*7.6*4.9cm
Carton 10packs/carton
Weight 217g
Box size 34.5*26*39.5cm
Box 50carton/box
Weight 11.5kg